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A Dream Winter In Isfahan Awaits You!

winter school 2024

Persian Language Learning Winter semester 2024

A Dream Winter In Isfahan Awaits You!

Persian Language Learning Winter semester 2024

In one of the most beautiful cities in the world, historically known as half of the world, at the most beautiful and one of the largest and best universities of Iran, the University of Isfahan.

                    Main Features

·         A program for all tastes

·         Learning Persian through the most recent communicative methods

·         Fruitful information about the classic and contemporary Persian literature

·         Extracurricular activities

·         Isfahan city tours, including visits to the historical and tourist attractions in Isfahan at least two times per week during your stay

·         Accommodation on the big and beautiful campus of the University of Isfahan, located in the best area of Isfahan within a walking distance to high-quality city amenities such as the subway, shopping areas, restaurants, taxi stands, and bus terminals.

                     Who can apply?

·         Well suited for those who are interested in visiting Iran and getting familiar with Persian culture, literature, and long-standing history and in improving their Persian language proficiency in a natural setti .

                     How to register?

·         To register for the program, please contact us at: In your email, please mention the code of the accommodation.


accommodation fees

Accommodation code

Accommodation (shared)

One Month


University Hotel

213$ to 487$


Payambar Azam Student Hotel



Shams Student Hotel

91.5$ to 274$


Student Dormitory

76$ to 304.5$

*for get more information:

** for get more information:

Important Dates

Deadline for registration

Program start date

20 December 2023

From 25 December 2023 - 14 March 2024


If you need further information about any of our programs, accommodation, fees, or anything else, please feel free to contact us at:

You can visit our website at:



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